Post-UEFA Futsal Cup Blues

The UEFA Futsal Cup preliminary round (Group D) had come to an epic finish last night with Bosnia’s KMF Tango Sarajevo claiming the position of group winners on the second night, and Israel’s Asa Ben Gurion claiming second place in their victory over Wrexham Futsal Club last night.

The whole event was a great success and credit should go to the FAW, the Welsh Football Trust and the fabulous Peacock Media Group for all their efforts in helping to ensure that the event ran smoothly. Thanks also to RAS Security, the Welsh Hogroast company for their great food and all the young ball boys and girls who provided a great service and who also showed off their Futsal skills before the matches and during half time!

This was the House of Sport’s first major spectator event and the tournament really showed how well the venue works as an arena. Both spectators and tournament participants felt that the facility really stepped up to the mark and a great time was had by all who attended.

We were lucky to have secured some very special guests to come to the tournament; namely Craig Bellamy, Ben Turner, Rhys Williams, Nation Radio, Big Brother’s Sam Evans, the glamorous Fenix Cheerleaders and the one and only Mr David Beckham (okay, so the next best thing… his fantastic impersonator Andy Harmer of the Chippendoubles Agency).

Click here to see the Welsh Football Trust’s catalogue of images from the tournament!

The House of Sport would like to wish group D winners KMF Tango Sarajevo the best of luck as they progress through to the next stage of the competition. Good luck!

Group D winners KMF Tango Sarajevo
Group D winners KMF Tango Sarajevo

On the back of the success of this wonderful event, the Cardiff City House of Sport is looking to host further sporting and non sporting events moving forward. Remember #AllEyesOnWales.

Watch this space…!

Craig Bellamy
Craig Bellamy
Fenix Cheerleaders
The Red Carpet
Wrexham Futsal Club V KMF Tango Sarajevo

Futsal 3

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