Health & Safety Policy

Cardiff City House of Sports recognise its responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. This policy sets out how it will manage compliance to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of employees, private contractors and person who may be affected or involved in our activities.

We strive to achieve the highest standards of health and safety which will be constantly maintained at all our venues. We will ensure that health and safety is not compromised under any circumstances even if this is to the detriment of other business objectives. We will continue to operate with an ethos and focus that House of Sport employees and users go home safely each day.

The health & safety policy will be reviewed regularly and updated to comply with current statutory requirements. All new legislation, codes of practice, changes from other sources will be reviewed and as necessary included in updates to reflect working practices.

This policy and all revisions will be communicated to all employees and venue users by the responsible persons. We will ensure compliance with the health and safety policy by maintaining a thorough and regular monitoring program and taking effective steps to improve ineffective processes.

All matters concerning health & safety will be implemented after full consultation with employees actively encouraging their full involvement, either individually or through safety representatives. Employees will be able to discuss health & safety matters with a manager or safety advisor at any time.

We will provide all health & safety training and information that is identified for an employee to do their job safely. It is the responsibility of House of Sports to make the budgetary provision to provide the training and refresher training.

We will provide adequate resources and specialist items required by employees to perform their duties safely and efficiently, equipment will be maintained to the required standards.

We recognise the health & safety policy cannot function fully without the support and co-operation of all employees and venue users. All employees are reminded that there is a legal requirement under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 to co-operate with efforts to provide a healthy and safe workplace for fellow employees and venue users.

Venue users are an important and vital part of our activities and provides similar management to ensure that their staff work effectively and safely and that their activities do not adversely affect other workers or anyone else who might be harmed by their activities.

We will where it deems necessary seek advice from our internal health & safety manager or independent health & safety advisor to assist in the implementation, monitoring and improvement of our health & safety systems and policies.

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