Cardiff City House of Sport has received some concerning reports regarding those using our outdoor 3G pitches at Ocean Park Arena on weekends.

Problems that we have been alerted to include:

  • Chaotic parking – many users are not utilising car park bays and are creating unsafe environments for all site users. Parking is to be in marked bays ONLY. If bay parking is full, please utilise any available overflow parking areas – adjacent to the full size pitch on the left hand side. If this facility is also full, please find appropriate parking off site.
  • Abuse to neighbouring business staff – our most concerning report is abuse received by staff members at one of our neighbouring businesses. Abuse from customers will not be tolerated and those found to be giving it will be asked to leave our facilities and not return. Please exercise kindness and consideration at all times.
  • Misuse of neighbouring business toilet facilities – toilet facilities for our outdoor pitches are situated indoors at Ocean Park Arena via a separate entrance which is located to the right of the café. Please DO NOT use facilities at Splash Central. We are printing way-finder signs for these facilities and we will also be placing a sign outside Splash Central to deter our customers from using their facilities. This is a safeguarding issue that must be resolved immediately. We have also had reports of people urinating against the building walls – again, this will not be tolerated.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will place a member of staff on site to press users into the correct way of navigating the site and facilities.

We’ve got a wonderful new site at Ocean Park with fantastic sports facilities. Please, let’s keep it that way – for the benefit of all. Thank you for your consideration.


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