Europe Netball Recap & Photo Gallery

From May 10th – 14th, Cardiff City House of Sport hosted the first ever Europe Netball 2023 Open Challenge at our facilities. This brought together 9 international teams including The United Arab Emirates, The Isle of Man, The Republic of Ireland, Malta, Gibraltar, Switzerland, France, Israel and The Wales Development Squad to go head-to-head on our brand new state-of-the-art Netball Courts in House of Sport 3.

The tournament was split across 5 days with a total of 24 games being played. Each day was filled with exceptional games, excited crowds, and wonderful support.

You can find the full list of fixtures, results and a photo gallery for each game below:


Division 1 | The Open Championship:
1st: UAE
2nd: Republic of Ireland
3rd: Isle of Man
4th: Malta

Division 2 | The Open Challenge:
2nd: France
3rd: Israel
4th: Swiss

A huge congratulations to all teams who competed in both divisions and the two division winners, UAE and Gibraltar! We of course cannot forget to mention the outstanding performance of The Wales Development Squad, who won all four games they played. Unfortunately, Wales could not be included within the final rankings as they are not classed as an international team and came as a guest.

We would like to give our thanks to Europe Netball for choosing us to host this spectacular event. Also, to their staff as well as Umpires, UAPs and Technical Officials for working hard and being lovely throughout. Being a new organisation, we wish Europe Netball all the best for the future and hope to continue working with them as they grow.

We would also like to praise our staff involved with the event for their continued hard work and support for Europe Netball which allowed the lead up and each day to run smoothly. Each and every one of us is thrilled with the outcome and we hope to host this exciting event again in the future!

Scroll below to see the photo gallery from each game.

Wednesday 10th May:

Republic of Ireland V United Arab Emirates:


Israel V France:


Malta V Isle of Man:


Switzerland V Gibraltar:


Switzerland V Israel:


Wales V Isle of Man:


Thursday 11th May:

Switzerland V France:


Malta V Republic of Ireland:


Isle of Man V United Arab Emirates:


France V Gibraltar:


Republic of Ireland V Wales Development Squad:


Friday 12th May:

Isle of Man V Republic of Ireland:


Wales Development Squad V United Arab Emirates:


Saturday 13th May:

Malta V Wales Development Squad:


Gibraltar V Sqitzerland:


United Arab Emirates V Isle of Man:


Republic of Ireland V Malta:


Sunday 14th May:

Israel V Switzerland:


Gibraltar V France:


Malta V Isle of Man:


United Arab Emirates V Republic of Ireland:


Awards Ceremony:

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