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Europe Netball Open Challenge Competition

Europe Netball Open Challenge 10th – 14th May 2023


We are proudly hosting the Europe Netball Open Challenge at house of Sport this May and can't wait to welcome all our guests from across Europe to the venue!

From the 10th - 14th of May, we will see Europe Netball bring together The Wales Development Squad, The United Arab Emirates, The Isle of Man, The Republic of Ireland, Malta, Gibraltar, Switzerland, France, and Israel, who will go head to head in a 5 day tournament on our state of the art Netball Courts in House of Sport 3.

Europe Netball are the regional body of the International Netball Federation (INF). They are ambitious in their quest to support the growth of the game across our continent by widening the reach of the sport and ensuring it’s played to the highest quality. Europe Netball have a vision to revolutionize netball across Europe and a mission to connect, influence and provide netball to meet the needs of their member countries. House of Sport couldn’t be more thrilled to be aiding their goals by having their 2023 Open Challenge take place here. See all fixtures with dates and times below:


Wednesday 10th May:

09:00am - Israel V France
11.00am - Switzerland V Gibraltar
13:00pm – Malta V Isle of Man
15:00pm – UAE V Republic of Ireland
17:00pm – Israel V Switzerland
19:00pm – Isle of Man V Wales Development Squad

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Thursday 11th May:
09:00am - Gibraltar V Israel
11:00am – France V Switzerland
13:00pm – Malta V Republic of Ireland
15:00pm – Isle of Man V UAE
17:00pm – France V Gibraltar
19:00pm – Republic of Ireland V Wales Development Squad

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Friday 12th May:
09:00am – Malta V UAE
11:00am – Isle of Man V Republic of Ireland
13:00pm – B1 V B4 or B2 V B3 (dependent on the position of Israel – this will be known by 18:30 on the 11th May)
15:00 – UAE V Wales Development Squad

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Saturday 13th May:
11:00am – Malta V Wales Development Squad
13:00pm – Gibraltar V Switzerland
15:00pm – UAE V Isle of Man
17:00pm – Republic of Ireland V Malta

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Sunday 14th May:
09:00am – Israel V Switzerland
11:00am – France V Gibraltar
13:00pm – Isle of Man V Malta
15:00pm – UAE V Republic of Ireland

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Not long to go now! This will be one of the biggest netball events we’ve hosted yet, Welsh Netball fans – you don’t want to miss this! To purchase tickets to any of the above fixtures in the form of day passes whilst tickets are still available, click here.


You can find the different parking facilities for House of Sport in the image below. For Wednesday, Thursday and Friday fixtures, please use car park labelled "B" in the image below. For Saturday and Sunday fixtures, please use car park labelled "A" in the image below.

If you have any troubles finding us you can click here for additional information or give us a call on 029 2000 2555 and we will be happy to help.


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