1House of Sport’s offers continue into August, giving customers the opportunity to take advantage of high quality sporting facilities at a low price.

Looking for a football pitch, a basketball court or a roller rink at an affordable price? We have reduced our prices once again this Summer with our ‘August Offers’, for selected dates and times only.

For example, our multi-sport courts in House of Sport 2 are available for £24 per hour (half price) up until 5pm on Friday 10th August. After 5pm on the same date, the price will revert back to full price (£48 per hour).

‘August Offers’ prices:

Indoor 3G pitch (House of Sport 1) – £60 per hour
Multi-sport courts (House of Sport 2) – £24 per hour
Tennis courts (House of Sport 3) – £10 per hour
Roller rink (House of Sport 3) – £25 per hour
Outdoor 3G pitch (Cardiff International Sports Campus) – £40/60 per hour
Air Dome 3G pitch (Cardiff International Sports Campus) – £55/90 per hour

2Please note: all offers only apply to the selected dates and times (see graphics above).

To enquire or book, call 02920002555, or email

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